Grow Your Business Using A Marketing System

Are your company revenues where you would like them to be? Do you think there is more revenue to be had? Have sales been stagnant over the last several years and you want to make a huge impact, starting at the beginning of 2019?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself for how your current marketing system really engages your customers:

  • Do you believe your business is performing at the absolute maximum level of sales, marketing, and market penetration?
  • Do you believe every factor/element of performance enhancement of the current revenue system is performing at the peak of its output capacity?
  • Do you know and can site every facet of the subprocesses in your revenue system?
  • Are you constantly testing offers, markets, position, articulation, or denomination of product or service performance?
Grow Your Business in Three ways, Not Just One!

With a proven marketing system, you will be able to:

  1. Better qualified leads
  2. Increase conversion rate of prospects to paying customers
  3. Increase in the value of the paying customer
    1. Increase in the average transaction value
    2. Increase in the number of transactions

Right now is the time to get started and make the biggest revenue impact for the year 2019. If you are tired of the traditional marketing shotgun approach to attract more leads and hoping they turn into customers to buy your products – which only accounts for 33% of all sales opportunities –  and spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just to repeat the process over and over again every month, then you are missing at least 66% of your marketing and revenue opportunity!

You can increase your business’s revenue and profits by 20 to 100% in as little as 60 to 90 days without spending any additional money on advertising. With an easy 4 step marketing system in place, you will have a marketing system that leverages marketing opportunities and increases revenue exponentially – by discovering unused and untapped marketing assets that are hidden or not optimized within the business, and are just waiting to be used to your advantage when communicating to prospective, current, and past customers.


Client Results of the Exponential Marketing System Include:

·         A medical doctor increased the value of his practice by 25% in one step of the system.

·         A small mom and pop manufacturing company increased cash flow from $6,000 a week to $12,000 a week in 60 days.

·         A retail business owner was able to sell his business for the price he wanted by increasing leads through alliances by 22% in 60 days!

·         An employee payroll company grew from $40 million to over $80 million in two years.

·         A manufacturer’s conversion rate increased 80% in 60-90 days increasing not only sales but profit margins.

·         A small furniture retail store increased net profit from $4,000 to $6,000 a month within three months!

The Results You Can Expect for Your Company Are:

·         You’ll have a 28 year proven marketing system in place that works offline and online.

·         Your business will be differentiated from the competition. Your company will have a strong competitive advantage with a strong USP in   place.

·         Your marketing strategies will create better, more qualified leads.

·    Your salespeople, website, and all other sales people including distributors/dealers will give a better presentation, increasing the conversion rate.

·         The leads will be qualified for a better presentation – closing more sales.

·         Your closing rate will go up – making you more money quickly and more profit as well.

·         You’ll keep customers longer, increasing their value to your company.

·         You’ll increase the value or worth of each customer – increasing profit.

·         You’ll lower your cost per lead – increasing profit.

·         You’ll get sales you would otherwise not get – increasing revenue

·    You’ll enjoy marketing alliances/affiliates and partnerships that can create new and better leads – continuing to lower your lead generating costs and increase conversion.

·        Your operations and customers service will improve – increasing customer satisfaction.

·    You’ll be able to take market share away from your competition, and will allow you to “create your own economy” even when the economy isn’t growing.

To start next year off right and make a huge difference for your business revenue and profits in 2019, act now and sign up for a free, no obligation webinar to determine where the money is for you and your business.


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